Putting digital and users first. Our redesign of 123.ie represented their evolving success and future business goals. We created a fun and friendly customer centric experience.

Improve & grow - An opportunity.

With over 400,00 customers to its name, 123.ie knew they needed to grow with their expanding user base. More than just a visual rebrand, this project presented an opportunity to improve from the ground up. From UX and SEO to delivery optimisation and accessibility. We fine tuned each interaction, function and icon to have a purpose.

New look, new success.

Focusing on a clean and typography driven style, we chose colours and iconography that would compliment the friendly nature of the 123.ie brand. Instantly recognisable icons and pastel overlays ensured clear messaging and legibility.

Specialising in simple.

Every element of this project was about distilling to the core of 123's brand values. All information was presented in the clearest, most readable way possible. The user interface was optimised visually inviting and easy to navigate to the broadest demographic. By translating this with simplicity, we were able to present users with a bold, expert identity.


We introduced fresh photography steering clear of the more clichéd compositions professional businesses can find themselves using.

Themes and settings more relatable to the average visitor were sourced to give a more local feel to the site as a whole.

Digital first.

Across all devices

We aimed to shift the brand from low cost car insurance to a digital first, customer centric experience. This meant consistency and responsive design across all devices, web, tablet and mobile, to create a unified experience. As the primary source of new customers, the website needed to deliver a clean, clear and excellent experience.

V7 was the obvious choice for me as an agency to work with to reposition the 123.ie brand in the digital space. Eoin and the team invested time and effort in understanding our plans for the 123.ie brand and translating those plans online into a website which would work both visually and commercially for us.
Padraig O'Neill Head of Marketing at 123.ie