Branding & Website

We built an elegant set of landing pages for JetQuote.
JetQuote provides access to an ad-hoc fixed-price booking of private jets.

Digital Agency
Dublin & Zurich
August 2014
Branding, UX, UI
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Plan. Book. Fly.

Simplicity was the selling point. Our redesign of the JetQuote landing page communicated the accessibility and straight­ forward appeal of the service.

We designed a page that sent this message ­ travel by private planes was a viable, accessible and affordable option. We created a visual representation of this simplicity and sophistication, balancing connotations of speed and luxury with ease of booking and effective service.

The Outcome

Our redesigned landing page saw a 300% jump in JetQuote enquires, as well as a 36% rise in website conversions.

It’s a success that has given us a great foundation to build on.

V7 deliver quality work at competitive rates. They create beautiful and simple user interfaces in line with your business objectives.
Patrick Jermann CEO of JetQuote