iOS App, Web App & Brand

Selling your things is more difficult than it should be.
Shelf is a mobile marketplace designed to make it easier.

Digital Agency
Dublin & Zurich
August 2014
Branding, UX, iOS, UI Design

User centred, design focused.

With Shelf, we created a product that put users at the heart of their own buying ­selling experience. Thinking mobile first, we designed and developed a native iOS app that aimed to be both functionally simplistic and visually appealing.

Our process ­ Delivering better.

We worked from the ground up on Shelf. From workshops and prototypes to iteration and testing, our process drove us to rediscover the notion of a mobile marketplace. We honed, questioned and tightened until we nailed it.

Your Shelf life.

This mobile experience was designed to work fast and look good. Users had to have quick and easy control over their ‘Shelf’, their commerce space. They can add photos and offers in seconds, integrate with Facebook and be part of a community. Our design and dev set the tone and stage for this engagement ­ simple, minimalist and clean.

Where selling and social meet.

Shelf pulls the best of mobile and marketplace together. It’s accessible and attractive, a mobile experience that presents users with a space to explore and own. As addictive as Ebay, as artisanal as Apple.

The team approached my idea from a lean perspective while respecting my desire for a polished product. Together we analyzed my thoughts, discussed possible solutions and came up with a concept that matched both my budget and requirements..
Luis Witter CEO of Shelf