Viable Labs


The Swiss standard. Our sister company, Viable Labs, were in search of a unique personality and proposition that represented their signature quality and refined vision.

Colouring culture.

Our Switzerland-based office occupy a very unique area of our business. A hub of product development, Viable embody a visionary spirit underpinned by their Swiss roots and style.

Their development focus sets them apart from their creative counterparts, something we wanted to encapsulate visually. We opted for a bold orange lead palette, accompanied by deep and clean shades. This illuminating orange became part of the site narrative and overall brand impact, leading visitors vibrantly throughout the site and beyond.

This shortly became a style signature, acting as the base colour for the likes of business cards and company stationary.

A tale in Typography.

Swiss typography is highly recognisable and famous in its own light. We chose to balance our use of this stereotyped style by selecting a less typical sans serif.

Aiming for a stand alone identity, we created a typeface that tapped into that classic Swiss aesthetic.

An identity for all occasions.

The Viable identity is completely customisable in terms of colours ranging from minimal and flat to textured looks - a truly versatile design.

Adapting their logo to each and every project they encounter is just one of Viable's unique little touches.

A solid brandmark

The structure of the brandmark is reminiscent of scaffolding, a common sight when constructing any building. We wanted to remind people what Viable is all about - building and forging products from ideas. .

First impressions count, a thick 700gsm card, letterpressed with a custom colour is usually the first touch point. Quality is a paramount characteristic we wanted to portray, so from first touch point to delivery, swiss quality is evident.

The team just got it. They created an identity that communicates who we are, what we do and where we are headed. As always, a refreshing approach that delivers tenfold.
Markus Kuhn CEO of Viable