V7 craft digital experiences

What we do

We love what we do and we work hard to get things right. We don't believe there is a secret to doing great work just expertise a dedication to our craft & process.

  • Research & Strategy

    We seek to understand who, what and why then we build prototypes to prove and improve our understanding.

    This allows us to build better and faster.

    Research activities could include:

    • User research
    • Content Strategy
    • Mobile Strategy
    • Innovation Workshops
    • Information Architecture
    • Prototyping
  • Design

    A user's experience is a balance of expectations and aesthetics. We combine the two in ways that delight your users and optimises your websites outcomes.

    Design activities can include:

    • Interaction Design
    • Product Design
    • Application Design
    • Responsive Design
    • Mobile UI
    • Website Design
  • Build & Launch

    From e­commerce platforms and content management tools to native apps, we keep all your business boxes ticked.

    Launch activities include:

    • Analytics
    • Agile Development
    • iOS Development data
    • API Design and Implementation
    • E-Commerce
    • Responsive Front-end Development

Just some of the great companies we have worked with

1 Discover

Working closely with you to translate your ideas, concepts and requirements into project specifications.The discovery phase teases out your requirements and creates a vivid understanding.
Our tried and tested methods get a deep appreciation of your ethos, functionality & requirements through a series of seemingly simple, games, stories and drawings.

Outcomes from this phase can include:

  • An overview of your vision for the project
  • A definition of the most valuable aspects of your requirements
  • Insights into extra potential and innovative methods
  • Definition of stages & milestones in delivering your project

2 Research

Are you a complex business with a unique product or service?

Creating context for your project is a key element of creating a successful online experience for your clients. We research how your clients buy / interact with you.

We deliver the results your clients demand, by focusing on the experiences and needs. Focusing on digital experiences that deliver real value through great content, social interactions, elegant design and intuitive functionality.

This stage involves storyboarding and defining user journeys as well as specification of how the site delivers value to your customers.

“Every hour spent in research saves ten in delivery.”

3 Build

The functionality is developed as the design is brought to life – through this stage we consult heavily with you in order to make user experience perfect.

Taking all of the work that's gone before, we will create a digital reality where your customers can learn, explore, socialise and buy. Alienation Digital has the team to take your strategy and execute it through beautiful design, bespoke functionality, and quality content across the full scope of relevant online channels.

Sketch - Wireframe - Design

4 Launch

After you have signed off on the finished project, the project is handed over to you or launched in it’s intended setting.

Set the scene for feedback & analytics to underpin the next iterations and improvements. Post launch refinements may include User experience elements (UX), visual and aesthetics (UI) or even preconceived ideas, designs, methods or interactive elements. All of this feeds back into creating an exceptional experience for your clients.

Our philosophy is to innovate, experiment and improve. We're big believers in consistent review, performance measurement and enhancement to make everything you do better. When we launch a project into the online space, it's never the end, only a new beginning and an opportunity to learn and improve.